Here’s how to choose the right 3PL for eCommerce business.

Your company has developed an eCommerce site and got great products and customers. But you are struggling with in-house e-commerce fulfilment and distribution and it holds back your company’s growth. If that’s the case, you might want to explore outsourcing these functions to a third-party logistics service.

Logistics and supply chain management are the specialities of 3PL organisations. They may assist you in streamlining order processing, fulfilment, distribution, and order delivery for your company. Working with a 3PL provider will allow you to concentrate on sales, marketing, and product development rather than struggling with order fulfilment, inventory management, logistics, and storage.

To find the best 3PL logistics supplier for your eCommerce business, you must first determine what 3PL services you will require. If you run a large firm that handles high volume orders, a full end-to-end solution that encompasses transportation, receiving products, warehousing, product storage, order distribution, and delivery may be beneficial. While for a small business, on the other hand, is likely to simply need one or two of the services mentioned above. Knowing which service works best for your company can aid you in finding the best 3PL supplier to fulfil your needs.

However, choosing a 3PL provider to collaborate with might be a difficult undertaking. Keep reading this article for the six important things you should consider when selecting a 3PL for your e-commerce fulfilment and distribution that can assist you with this endeavour.

3pl for ecommerce business

1. Capabilities

Your 3PL supplier should be your business partner, their capabilities must match your needs. The fundamental benefit of collaborating with a tech-enabled 3PL is the ability to effortlessly integrate fulfillment into your present or future tech stack. Can they work with Shopify or WooCommerce as clients’ e-commerce platforms? Organize drop-shipping with large online merchants? It’s crucial to know if they use advanced technologies for warehouse and inventory management that can provide the services requested.

2. Reliability

3PLs must be specialists in securely storing inventory and shipping orders on a consistent, timely basis. Since the outer perception of your own reliability will determine the reliability of a 3PL. For every eCommerce business, is critical for the right orders to be sent out on time. It’s also crucial to understand how they handle disruptions, and whether they’ll be able to respond quickly when order volumes fluctuate or additional services are required. In short, 3PLs must be specialists in securely storing inventory and shipping orders on a consistent, timely basis.

3. Efficiency

A good 3PL partner should always strive to improve its warehouse operations. While a 3PL should be able to maintain the accuracy in choosing, packaging, and shipping by employing technology to give you greater control over how you want your products to be delivered. A 3PL should always focus

on becoming more efficient over time by optimising picking routes, storing products that are frequently ordered together near one another, and finding ways to speed up procedures without sacrificing quality.

4. 3PL for eCommerce business Customer Service

The service and technology from your 3PL partner should include all you require, including all-in-one order and inventory management software, analytics tools, picking and packing services, inventory storage, automated order tracking, and more. Your PL partner should promptly identify and handle issues, as well as build a procedure to prevent problems from recurring.  The technology of a 3PL can automatically inform clients of their packages once sent. And the 3PL’s software should be able to provide confirmation to your eCommerce platform, which can then send tracking updates to your customers. If your customers ever have questions regarding their orders, you can rely on your 3PL’s system and support to respond to your customers confidently.

5. Customization

Is your business demand a special label or package? Do your need customization for your order packings? If the answer is yes, the 3PL supplier you selected should be capable in tailor their services to what you need for your customers. The 3PL should have the experience and the capability to accommodate the request for customization services. As your 3PL partner serves as an extension of your company, they must provide your customers with the same level of service and dependability.

6. Location

When it comes to choosing outsourcing fulfilment for the first time, a common error eCommerce businesses make is using a 3PL near to them. While the crucial element in delivery costs is the proximity of a 3PL to a potential client’s consumer base, companies should choose a starting location that will lower their average shipment cost and transit time in order to serve the most number of consumers as quickly as possible. Today’s online buyers anticipate low prices and quick delivery. If your delivery options fall short of client expectations, your cart abandonment rate will skyrocket as well as your repeat purchase rate will suffer. The 3rd party fulfilment centre you choose to store merchandise in can make or break your capacity to deliver so be sure it’s based on data and closeness to your customers.

In conclusion, the 3PL provider you choose should be able to provide you with a flexible and expanding fulfilment solution, as well as best-in-class technology and support, to help you stay competitive and save time and money as your company grows.
A third-party logistics (3PL) supplier can assist your company when you are ready to outsource fulfilment. Using a third-party logistics provider like SPExpress will help you build your brand, save time and cut your fulfilment cost. Most importantly, your business will be able to free up resources to focus on product development, marketing, and business growth.

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