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Flat-rate shipping across Canada starts CAD$7.4

One month of free storage for Start-up and Small-medium businesses <Limited time offer>

Fulfillment By SPexpress 

Save more time and grow faster with SPExpress.

SPExpress aims to provide our customers with a better order fulfillment experience at an affordable cost.

How you benefit from SPExpress Fulfillment

Various advantages

11 years of excellent fulfillment service experience in Canada

Multi-region warehouses

Team of 3 shifts everyday

Amazon FBA preparation

Return management

No long-term storage fees risk free #1

Our receiving fee includes all the warehouse processes

No system set-up fee or account fee risk free #2

Our independent WMS and SPExpress merchant portal

No monthly admin. fee risk free #3

SPExpress all-in-one fulfillment solution

A powerful system to optimize your fulfillment

Harmony logistics platform Click & Ship

Outsourcing and managing the entire logistics with just a few clicks.
Conveniently ship your products to our fulfillment center and release stored products for dispatch.