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eCommerce fulfillment

Fulfillment served uniquely for you

Fulfillment by SPexpress specializing in E-Commerce order fulfillment

3 Integrating various E Commerce Platforms

Up to 3 months of free storage for Start-up and Small-medium businesses <Limited time offer>

Our Custormers

Fulfillment By SPexpress 

Save more time and grow faster with SPexpress.

SPexpress aims to provide our customers with a better order fulfillment experience at an affordable cost.

All-in-one 3PL order fulfillment

How it works


Connect your online store and ship your products to us

Our API integration helps you to fully integrate your e-commerce system of your choice with our logistics software and can be completed within a few clicks. After the products and SKUs have been synced, you can schedule deliveries in order to ship the products to our fulfillment warehouses.

Two huge fulfillment warehouses in Canada

Our strategically placed warehouses are based in Montreal, QC (Eastern Canada), and in Vancouver, BC (Western Canada). We’ve been providing award-winning order fulfillment solutions across Canada for small, mid-size and start up growing companies for 11 years.

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shipping partner

Worldwide shipping with the biggest parcel services in Canada

SPexpress’s automated fulfillment process starts right after a customer has placed an order in your online shop. Since the order data is transferred to our fulfillment center we can immediately start processing the order and ship it to your customer. You can focus on sales, we’ll handle the logistics part. Every order sent to us is guaranteed to ship and a tracking number is sent to you or updated on your distribution channels automatically.

How you benefit from SPexpress Fulfillment

Various advantages

11 years of excellent fulfillment service experience in Canada

Multi-region warehouses

Team of 3 shifts everyday

Amazon FBA preparation

Return management

No long-term storage fees risk free #1

Our receiving fee includes all the warehouse processes

No system set-up fee or account fee risk free #2

Our independent WMS and SPexpress merchant portal

No monthly admin. fee risk free #3

SPexpress all-in-one fulfillment solution

A powerful system to optimize your fulfillment

Harmony logistics platform Click & Ship

Outsourcing and managing the entire logistics with just a few clicks.
Conveniently ship your products to our fulfillment center and release stored products for dispatch.



Our team is always ready and pleased to help ecommerce businesses be more successful online

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Project Manager

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Warehouse Manager

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Logistics Team Leader


Project Coordinator

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Customer Service Manager


Business Development Representative

Take your eCommerce, wholesale or direct-to-consumer business to the next level

Send us a request to receive an instant offer (Up to 3 months of free storage) and to benefit from all the advantages: Free e-commerce shop integration, automatic data transfer, and a scalable logistics network.