Is your business growing rapidly and your company handles multiple orders in a single day? In the peak season, do you need extra space for your inventory? Are you also struggling with managing high volume orders when you are running promotions? If your answer is yes to the above, it might be the right time to think about outsourcing your 3PL needs.


What is 3PL?

3PL, known as third party logistics, handles different duties from freight, shipping, picking and packing, and other services on your behalf to give you more time to focus on growing your business.  Working with a 3PL provider, you can outsource your company’s operational logistics from warehousing to delivery. 

At SPExpress, we offer services from logistics to supply chain management services that include freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, picking and packing, inventory and supply chain management, order fulfillment. We work closely with our customers to ensure their 3PL needs are being met properly. Since we understand how valuable working with a reputable 3PL provider can be, and how it can help our customers to focus on growing their businesses. 


How does 3PL work?

3PL companies specialize in logistics and supply chain management. They have the expertise to help you optimize order processing, fulfillment, distribution, and delivery for your business. Working with a 3PL provider will allow you to focus on sales, marketing and product development instead of struggling with logistics and storage of inventory, or even wasting your valuable time worrying about delivering products to your customers. Third-party logistics provides efficient services from packaging to shipping products and cost effectiveness. It’s extremely important for businesses to stay competitive by working with a fast-acting 3PL partner like SPExpress, who can handle high volume orders and deliver fast shipping. While

eCommerce giants like Amazon are able to provide same day or two days shipping, your 3PL provider works to help keep you competitive in the marketplace.


Outsourcing your business’ logistics can be very beneficial no matter what industry and product you work with. Here are some of the reasons a business should choose to work with a 3PL partner:


High Volume of Order

If your company ships over 20 orders on a single day, consider outsourcing shipping and logistics to a 3PL provider should be beneficial. Outsourcing low-value tasks, such as assembly, picking and packing, and preparing items for shipping, will allow you to focus on important tasks that help your company grow.


Need Extra Storage for Inventory

Is your business running promotions regularly or you need to stock extra inventory during the peak season? Extra storage can be easily resolved with your 3PL provider. A third-party logistics provider will not only help you better manage inventory levels but will also ensure that you have reliable inventory records to keep track of your inventory. 


Need to Speed Up Shipping

Most small to medium size businesses that are fulfilling orders themselves can often have a hard time keeping up with companies like Amazon, which have set the bar for other eCommerce companies to provide fast shipping. A 3PL partner will help speed up the order fulfillment process to ensure customer satisfaction that allows businesses to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Here are the 10 main advantages of working with a 3Pl partner:

  1. Shorten order processing time 
  2. Faster shipping
  3. Reduced shipping costs
  4. Reduced warehousing costs
  5. Greater transparency of your supply chain and inventory management 
  6. Managed returns process
  7. Increased shipping volumes
  8. Better customer service and experience 
  9. A dedicated team of logistics professionals
  10. Greater opportunity to focus on your core business